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H.E.R. India represents the India Chapter of the International STEM Society for Human Rights’ H.E.R. (Humanity Education & Rights) Initiative. We are dedicated to preserving the rights of all innocent children, women, and men throughout India. Using the tools given by modern Science & Technology, we pledge to combat against the occurrence of slavery, human trafficking, child marriage, acid attacks, sexual assaults, domestic abuse, and end all forms of violence against women.

approach Approach

H.E.R. India addresses important aspects of the human rights crisis in India, and applies a multi-pronged approach to achieve permanent and impactful results –

  1. Application of Modern Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics to address global human rights crises.
  2. Use of the Visual & Performing Arts to heal victims of human rights abuses as well as to promote further awareness and understanding of the necessity of the human rights cause amongst the global populace.
  3. Mobilization of student youth through motivational and empowering Assemblies and Clubs which center around the Human Rights Cause.
  4. Unity of Government, Corporates, NGO’s and the Public Sector, through annual conferences and programs designed to benefit local hosting communities.

Research&Development Research & Development

The core of H.E.R. India’s approach to addressing human rights crises is the research and development of new technologies and programs which:

  • A. Address human rights crises directly through the protection, education, and provision of income to individuals in extreme poverty or in otherwise disadvantaged circumstances.
  • Identify and rescue survivors of human rights abuses.
  • Provide novel tools to engage community members in more active participation towards global and local human rights crises, and in environmentally sustainable habits of living.
  • Disable target networks and assets which operate throughout the international market and promote intense propaganda campaigns and messages of hatred and violence through internet dark web technology.

Distribution Distribution

All our software, programs, and products are available at extremely minimal cost (an average of $0.50 per application). For individuals who do not have the financial capacity to purchase and invest in such technologies, we freely distribute electronic devices (smartphones, smart watches, tablets, and computers) which come with ready with embedded applications.

Education Community Engagement & Education

A fundamental component within H.E.R. India is education and the active engagement of community members towards preserving universal human rights. Irrespective of the specific and direct applications of our technologies and programs, we continually emphasize on developing educational curricula to promote ideals of gender and racial equality throughout India and the world. Our organization hosts educational programs, conferences, assemblies and/or lectures, that are held at various high schools, universities, and other public and private venues around the world, that aim to mobilize local community members and foster a collective understanding, appreciation and implementation of, solutions towards global and local human rights crises.

Teamwork-&-Partnership Teamwork & Partnership

The H.E.R. India team realizes there are a significant number of nonprofit institutions and other organizations which aim to serve and protect their local population. We acknowledge our peers, and respect and support them in their initiatives. We continually seek collaborations to work together in better implementing our programs, and in better serving the local population.

Collaboration-with-Government Collaboration with Government

To achieve long lasting victory within the human rights cause, collaboration with both the local populace and government is expected. As such, H.E.R. India continually seeks to collaborate with the Indian Government, to help government uphold its laws which protect human rights, and to encourage government to adopt new laws or improve existing ones wherever necessary.

Our-Team Our Team

  • Mr. Rajiv Uttamchandani
    Founder & Chairman, International STEM Society for Human Rights, Executive Director, H.E.R. India
  • Mr. CD Shridhar
    Senior Advisor, CIM Global & H.E.R. India
  • Mr. Harish Sharma
    Chief Information Technology Officer, International STEM Society for Human Rights
  • Mr. Vikas Sethi
    Chief Creative Officer, International STEM Society for Human Rights
  • Ms. Vishala Reddy
    Founder & Director, IdentCITY, Advisor, H.E.R. India