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H.E.R. India Conference – Exploring Modern Science & Technology Solutions for Humanity, Education, & Rights 

August 23rd – 25th, Hyderabad

H.E.R. India is a flagship multi-day conference program, to be hosted annually in India, which provides individuals and organizations who are responsible for making significant impacts in the human rights cause to present their work in an engaging environment which will enable them to gain further support for their cause, and motivate audiences to participate more actively towards the preservation of human rights. Our first Conference will be held in Hyderabad on August 23rd – 25th 2016, in partnership with CIM Global.

Protect H.E.R. 

ProtectHER_LogoProtect H.E.R. is a program which provides users with the ability to remotely activate a smartphone’s capabilities to place distress calls to local law enforcement agencies in the advent of an emergency situation and/or attack. We are currently finalizing collaborations with law enforcement agencies in Lucknow and Hyderabad, to launch Protect H.E.R. in their respective jurisdictions.

H.E.R. Challenge & Clubs  

Education is a fundamental component to the International STEM Society for Human Rights’ approach to end violations against women in India. Our H.E.R. Challenge Assemblies seek to motivate young minds to become more active participants towards the human rights cause. We give empowering talks, provide infrastructure and support to schools and students to ultimately solve both local and global human rights crises. As a first step in this direction, The International STEM Society for Human Rights has now collaborated with the Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools in Lucknow and Noida.