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Permanent success in the fight to preserve Universal Human Rights is possible only through active participation and collaboration with as many members of our society as possible. If you would like to get involved with the International STEM Society for Human Rights’ H.E.R. India Chapter and become a member of our Society, please submit an email describing your interest to info@isshr.org. All submissions must contain the following information in order to receive a response from us:

  • Statement of Purpose explaining your interest in the human rights cause (please be sure to specify which aspects of human rights you are most interested in).
  • How much time per week you are able to devote to your volunteer work.
  • In what capacity you would like to work with the International STEM Society for Human Rights’ H.E.R. India Chapter.
  • Professional biography and resume.


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) – these are tools we at ISSHR use to change the way we are able to save lives and preserve universal human rights. By making a 100% tax deductible donation today you have the opportunity to help the world’s women, children, and men, use STEM and Education to ensure they live their lives without fear of the violation of their rights as human beings.

Use my donation to support: (Should be drop down list)

Development and implementation of new technologies to preserve human rights

Donation of smartphones to refugees and/or individuals in extreme poverty

Funds for operation of annual H.E.R. India Conference

Funds for operation of H.E.R. India Challenge Assemblies & H.E.R. India Clubs

Overall operation of H.E.R. India Chapter